Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy 1st Day of Winter

Happy First Day of Winter!!

It's hard for me to believe that winter is just staring when we have already had around 30 inches of snow fall over the last six weeks. According to the local NBC affiliate, on 12/7 we had 16 inches at the airport.  Then on 12/11 17 more inches fell on us.  Our 30 year average is 55 inches so we are half way there and winter is just getting underway!

It sure is beautiful and if it's snowing then it's not to cold.

Look at that blue sky above the snow on our roof.  How can you not love it?

But we have gotten so much, we need to be creative about where we store it.  Like in the wheel wells.
 Or packed around the tree.  It's comforting to know the bunnies will not be able to strip the bark off the tree this year!

But most importantly, all this snow gives children a place to be Queen Of The Hill and feel like they are the tallest people in the world.

Happy Winter Everyone!


LC said...

My word! That's pretty impressive.

Kara said...

We just love it!

Anonymous said...

hi there just randomly came across this blog, and i noted that you put if it's snowing then it's not too cold, however in the north pole it snows a lot and the temperature goes to about -40Âșc