Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Shawn and Heidi spent the entire month of October planning how to decorate the yard for Halloween. 

The Saturday before Halloween, they spent the afternoon setting everything up.  Grandma and Grandpa gifted the large headstone.  Shawn and Heidi made the two smaller one.

Johannah came over to help too!  She even swept my sidewalk!

Daisy enjoyed some driveway time.  But that was short lived because even though she is down a leg, she is still very fast.  I worried she would hop away.

Pig, on the other hand, knows he would simply die 4 minutes after being lost from his daddy and his couch, so we trust him a bit more.  He played in the planter box under the bird feeder for a while then spent the next 30 minutes marking every inch of the lawn.

The girls stuffed this shirt to make Frankenstein's Monster

who turned out to be pretty cool.  I wonder where his legs ran off too... (haha, ran off too...)

Before Old Hopscotch was banished to the house, she checked out the Spider and Heidi's gravestone.  We talked about painting one to say "Here Lies Daisy's Fourth Leg" but I thought that was too sad. So, we went with Heidi and Jo instead.

The yard looked great! They put strobe lights out to light up the little grave yard which we hope to add to each year.  We also had our Pumpkins lining the steps, little ghosts along the sidewalk, a skeleton and Frankenstein hanging from the eves by the door, and a spider and bat that dropped on fish line when kids approached the door. 

Heidi and Shawn had a blast scaring kids as they came to our house and we look forward to next year because we already have new things to add.

The only bummer was Heidi woke up on Halloween morning not feeling well so we only went to about 10 houses for Trick or Treating.  That's how you know a kid is sick!  She went to the Doctor on Monday morning where we learned she had strep, an ear infection, and a Scarlet fever rash (which is common with strep). 

They still enjoyed their Halloween and we have plenty of candy to show for it!

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