Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Three or Four, We Love Her No Matter What

I talked to the surgeon yesterday and I trust that she is going to do a wonderful job.  Exactly what that job will be is up in the air right now.

She took the time to listen to my concerns and know that we had made the decision based on what is right for Daisy.  We understand that if she does have a leg removed, the road to recovery could be long.

We all wish we really knew what type of cancer we are dealing with.  The Osteosarcoma will eventually take her life. The Fibrosarcoma will be cured with the removal of the limb.

In the end, we all agreed that more tests would be helpful in knowing we are doing the right thing.  The Surgeon has ordered a repeat of the chest x-rays which were done just over three weeks ago.

If the x-rays are not clear the surgery will be called off.  The theory is if the cancer has spread in three weeks then we know, for sure, it is Osteosarcoma and we know it has progressed to much to be treatable.  We would bring her home tonight and proceed with pain management.

If the x-rays are clear we will still not be certain which cancer we are dealing with. However, if it is Osterocarcoma we would have the choice to treat with Chemo.  I am not sure if I would put her through Chemo but I certainly want to be more educated before I make that call.

If the x-rays are clear and it ends up being fibrosarcoma then she will be a healthy, three legged dog. (This is what we all need to hope happens.)

Once the limb is removed, they will redo the test from the bone biopsy, which originally came back inconclusive, to determine which cancer we have.  The results will be to us in about seven days.

The University of Minnesota Small Animal Hospital has been nothing but wonderful through this journey.  They have really taken the time to talk to me and hear my concerns.  When I asked what will happen to her arm, they were honest and told me it would be part of a mass cremation.  But if I wanted it cremated alone, so I could put her all together when her time comes, they would accommodate that.

They are also going to give me a clay imprint of her paw to keep.  That's really nice and I really appreciate the gesture.

That's all saying the surgery is a go today.

We dropped her off this morning and, like always, she wanted to turn around and go right home.  It certainly helps to know she is in great care.

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