Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How Many Nuggets Is Too Many Anyway?

Tuesday night we had to run a few errands to get ready for Daisy to come home. 

We needed rugs to cover the wood floors so she will not slip all over.

We needed a raised dog dish so she does not have to worry about bending down to eat.

And we needed a quick dinner.

Shawn had mentioned, no less then three times, that McDonalds had 50 piece chicken nuggets on the menu right now.

When we left Petco, Heidi said, "I could have some nuggets."

Half way to McDonald's I realize I am driving so I am going to have to order these nuggets.  I say, "I am slightly mortified to order a 50 piece chicken nugget."

Shawn tells me to suck it up, it will be fine.

We get to the drive-thru and the voice says, "Welcome to McDonald's.  May I take our order?"

Me:  Hang on a minute.

Voice: Okay, whenever you are ready.

Me to Shawn: How do I order this thing?

Shawn: Look, you can get it as a value meal, with fries and drinks.

Me: Do we really want that?  What would I get to drink?

Shawn: Um...

Me: Okay, lets do that, I will just get a Dr. Pepper.

Shawn:  Ok, go ahead and order.

Me:  There is no number, what do I say?

Shawn: 50 piece meal. Just do it.  (under his breath) fatty.

I start to laugh so hard I cannot breath.  I am really not sure how I kept my foot on the break.

Shawn: You need to order.

Me, still laughing, still not breathing, pointing to Shawn, trying to get him to order.

Shawn, leaning over to order:  HAHAHA 

Me, still laughing, still not breathing, desperately trying not to pee my pants.

McDonald's Order Taker Yelling from the drive-thru window: Take your time!!

Shawn, after composing himself:  Ok.  Ok.  We will have the 50 piece nugget meal with a Dr. Pepper and a Mellow Yellow and one kids Sprite.

We pull around to the window and the Order Taker lady explains that she saw us cracking up the entire time so I explained how my lovely husband forced me to order 50 chicken nuggets, 2 large fries, and 3 sodas and then called me a fatty.

But seriously, this is all the food we got for $15 so it was a good deal and lightened the mood of the evening a bit.

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