Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Daisy's Oncology Appointment

We learned last week that Daisy Mae has Stage 2 Osteosarcoma. 

Monday afternoon, Daisy had an appointment with the oncologist at the University.

He thinks she looks good, and so do we!  She is able to get up with little effort and she is able to walk and stand longer every day.

The first thing they did when we arrived is weigh her.  Most of her adult life she was steady at 120 pounds.  When she was weighed six weeks ago, she was 105.  Yesterday, she was 85 pounds.  I was shocked! 

Anyway, we talked about our next steps which boil down to doing nothing or chemo.

When this whole thing started, I was dead set on not going through chemo but now I am considering it.

There is a 90% chance there is still cancer in her body even though we have not seen it on any x-rays. 

If we do nothing, she has been given four to six months before the cancer spreads to her lungs.  At that point, there is no way to treat her, just keep her comfortable.

If we move forward with chemo, it is six treatments, one every 21 days.  She would spend treatment days at the hospital and come home that night.  Her lifespan would extend to one to three years.

I have some research to do and a decision to make and a dog to love.

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