Friday, August 13, 2010

Shark Teeth

I truly, honestly believe that Heidi has been living for the last five years so she could lose her first tooth.

She has wanted to lose a tooth as long as I can remember and talks about it all the time.

That time has not come. Yet.

About six months ago, I noticed a new molar in her mouth. This is something a mom needs to notice. New teeth.

I asked around and found out it was her six year molar. You would think Heidi had complete control over teeth growth, she was so proud of herself for growing a six year molar when she was just barely five years old.

At her dentist appointment, a few months later, she had three of these molars.

The Dental Assistant (not a hygienist, but the assistant to the dentist) was reviewing her X-Rays and told her she had not cut her six year molars.

Heidi’s world crashed down around her. She loved the dentist but this was all in question now.

A long, painful, sad five minutes later, the actual Dentist arrived to review the X-Rays and count her teeth.

She casually states, “You have three of your six year molars. You have one more to cut and then shortly after that you will start to lose your front teeth. Take really good care of your molars. These are teeth you will have for the rest of your life.”

The skies opened up and Heidi’s life was repaired. But her trust in Dental Assistants was completely lost.

Over the last few months, she has cut all four molars. She checks on that last one daily as it has been making its way in oh, so slowly.

Then, last week, at lunch, her best school friend lost a tooth eating an apple. Heidi was so jealous! We reminded Heidi that Rena is older than her by almost a year. It’s normal for six year olds to lose their teeth.

I promised her she would start losing her teeth soon.

For the next few days, she complained about her mouth hurting.

She said it hurt to bite with her bottom front teeth. I check. No loose teeth.

She said it hurt to check on the left side of her mouth. I checked. The last molar was still cutting and a bit red.

On Tuesday, she downright refused to brush her teeth. She said they hurt too much.

I explained that if she did not brush she would have cavities. It might not be fun to brush now but having a cavity filled would be the pits!

We came to a compromise and I brushed her teeth for her. I do this once in awhile. She has a spin brush so she is able to do the day to day cleaning on her own fairly well. But sometimes, just for good measure, I will get in there and give them a scrubbing.

I tell her to open like a Hippo. Meaning, open as wide as you can.

First, I check out the last of the molars. It is almost all the way in but there is some redness around the back where the last of the gums needs to just let go and let the tooth in already!

Then I start brushing. And I notice that she appears to be turning into a shark.

Not really.

But she does have two rows of teeth. And so does a shark.

And the tooth in the second row is razor sharp. And so is a shark tooth.

She was so excited to have her first permanent front tooth coming through. And all of a sudden, I understood why she said it hurt to bite with her bottom front teeth. It wasn’t loose baby teeth. She was cutting a new tooth all together.

I yanked on the two bottom teeth blocking this new permanent from view. Not loose. Not at all.

I told her they would be loose in the next week or so and then they would fall out and she would have this pretty, shiny, large, sharp, new tooth to take care of.

Man, I hope that is true! I didn’t tell her, because she didn’t ask, what would happen if that tooth came all the way up and her baby ones didn’t fall out quickly.

I said a quick prayer to the Patron Saint of Straight Teeth that these early permanent teeth do not cost me a fortune in orthodontic work five years from now.

That’s all I can do for now. And Heidi is on top for the world and that’s what really matters.


Anonymous said...

i had the same thing happen when i was a kid - i had a couple of teeth come in before the old ones were ready to fall out - the dentist ended up pulling the baby teeth. it was no big deal, and i didn't have any problems later because of it. better to catch it early!

Anonymous said...

mariah had that happen too...her baby teeth did fall out!!!

Anonymous said...

That happened to my son, but on the top. The baby tooth wouldn't budge and I was freaked out so took him to the dentist who told me if it didn't come out in a week to come back and have it pulled well it wouldn't come out almost seemed wedged with the new tooth coming in from behind so we had it pulled by the dentist. Once the baby tooth was out the tooth that was coming in from behind came forward and straightened out just like the dentist had promised it would all on its own.

Kara said...

Thanks for the comments!! :)

This happened on Tuesday and by Wednesday night her baby tooth was loose. We are on tooth watch now and I am trying to make sure I have a dolar in the house for when it finally comes out!