Monday, August 16, 2010

A Conversation About The Tooth Fairy

Heidi has her first loose tooth. I am not sure what the going rate for the Tooth Fairy is so I figured I should ask her what she thought.

Me: Hey, Heids. What does the Tooth Fairy give you for your first tooth?

Heidi: Um… $1. It’s always $1.

Me: Okay, good to know.

Heidi: Unless it’s big. Then maybe it’s more.

Me: Oh, do you mean, like, a molar?

Heidi: Yeah, or a long one.

Me: What’s a long tooth?

Heidi: I don’t know. But it’s $1.

Me: Okay. So, it’s always $1?

Heidi: Yes. $1. Unless it’s not.

Me: Okay. Glad we cleared that up.

A few minutes later.

Heidi: Hey Mom?

Me: Yeah?

Heidi: Do I have to put the tooth under my pillow?

Me: Well, you could put it under your pillow or under the one next to you. Whatever you want to do is fine.

Heidi: What if the Tooth Fairy comes when I am not on my pillow. You know, I don’t sleep on my pillow most of the night. What if I am on the wrong side of the bed? Will she still leave the dollar?

Me: I think you could leave it on your nightstand and she would take it. I don’t think it has to be under a pillow. And I don’t think your head has to be on the pillow. You will be fine.

Heidi: Okay. Mom?

Me: Yes, Heidi?

Heidi: I love the Tooth Fairy.

Me: Why? Do you love her because she brings you money?

Heidi: No. Just because. She is pretty.

Me: Okay.

Ok, to all the moms and dads out there, I need your help! What is the going rate for the Tooth Fairy? What happens if a tooth comes out and I don’t have any cash? Do you keep a stash of $1 in your drawer for this occasion?


Steven said...

$1 is perfect. And/or, a cool Tooth Fairy keepsake:
Free code: fairyproof

Anonymous said...

We give a dollar too... and yep, we have a stash of five ones, just in case. :) We also use a glitter glue pen on the bill to make it more "Tooth-fairyish". And to conquer the issue of lost teeth/disturbed while sleeping children, we hang a "tooth pillow" on the door knob so the Tooth-fairy can ALWAYS find the tooth. (And Mommy is less likely to forget about the tooth.) ;)

Kara said...

Great idea, Mary!