Friday, August 20, 2010

The Music Man

Have you ever been to an outdoor theatre?  If not, I demand you find one and get there now.

Okay, now that you are back, did you have a good time?

We did!  We loved it!  We cannot wait to do it again!

I work with a guy whose family is very active in community and school theatre.  In the Spring we saw his daughter as the lead in Cinderella, a Plymouth Middle School Production.  Last week, we attended The Music Man, a New Hope Community Theatre production, in which he and his daughter both had rolls.

We went with Shannon and Matt, and Tonya, Sam, and Jayden.  It was a nice warm evening to be out in the park.

The play began and so did the rain.  Look at that menacing sky!  It was shortly after the first scene when they stopped the show, sent the actors into the building, and the audience dove for cover.

Some hid under trees, some went to their cars, some hid under blankets,

but most went under the bleachers.

As they say, the show must go on!  After 15 minutes of rain, the audience returned to their seats and the cast returned to the stage.

It was a fantastic show.  I just love the music in The Music Man. 

Matt and Shawn loved the Shipoopi number which they recognized from a Family Guy episode.  Both Family Guy and The Simpson's take their jokes from all different mediums. Not just pop culture, which gives them their longevity.  It's funny to see someone get a joke well after the fact!

Once the rain stopped, it cooled down a bit and ended up being a very nice evening.  I was very surprised at the level of acting and singing found at a free show.

This is something they do every year and we are already planning to go back next summer!

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