Monday, August 2, 2010

Kick Off To Vacation - A Parade

We are home now, at least for the next few weeks!  Over the last 14 days we put 2,300 miles on our van but it was completely worth it.

At the end of May, Jess and the kids moved back to Kentucky.  Last weekend we drove down to visit them and deliver Jess her husband. 

While Shawn and Ryan loaded up the van, Heidi and I headed out to Hopkins for a parade.  Heidi's friend Lauren was picked to be an ambassador for the city of Robinsdale which means she will ride in the float for a large number of parades and most importantly, she has a teria and is a real princess!

Heidi, Amaya, and Lily waited so patiently.  We were are the very end of the route, which means much less candy, but the girls hung in there because they knew seeing Lauren on the big float for the first time would be worth the wait.

We saw the float coming down the road and all ran across to the other side for the best photo opportunity possible.

Lauren was hot and tired but she sure was a princess.  That's her in the middle wearing the pink and white dress, looking all the part.

And after the parade she was all smiles to see her huge fan club.  We are so proud of her and can't wait to see her in many more parades!


Window On The Prairie said...

The parade must have made her day. Congrats Lauren!

Kara said...

Thanks!! Lauren is doing great at her Princess Job and we love going to see her :)