Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Holiday Conversation

Me: Heidi, if you get ready really quick, we could stop at the new Holiday store and have donuts for breakfast.

Heidi: It is not ready yet.

Me: Yes, it is. Daddy went there the other day. It was open. Wouldn’t you like a fresh bottle of juice and a yummy donut for breakfast today?

Heidi: It is not open. Daddy would have told me if he went there. Let’s just go to Burger King.

15 minutes later, after leaving Burger King.

Heidi: Look! There are people using the gas pumps at the store!! (The store is the new Holiday).

Me: Yes, Heidi. They are open.

Heidi: Their sign looks really nice, it is working now!

Me: Yes, Heidi. They are open.

Heidi: Look! The lights are on in the store!

Me: Yes, Heidi. They are open.

Heidi: Look! People are going in! Why are people going in?

Me: Because they are open. Daddy went in there the other day. I want to go there soon before we ghetto it up.

Heidi: Will you hand me my drink?

After this conversation, I am pretty sure she still believes the store is not open yet.

We went to Super America and got gas.

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