Friday, August 27, 2010

Adventure Cat Climbs A Tree

Heidi's cat Sneaky Pete has become a continuous source of entertainment for our family.

If a car door is open, he gets in.  If hand is visible, he makes it pet him.  If a moth is in the neighborhood, he chases it.

Heidi has taken to calling him Adventure Cat and even wrote a story about his adventures.  Here is the latest.

One evening, Shawn was walking through the living room on his way to take a shower.  He looked out the bay window just in time to see Adventure Cat chase a squirrel up to tree.

Do you see him up there?  Above the bird feeder.  In that branch about 10 feet up.

He just kept going higher as the squirrel ran away from him.  Eventually the squirrel leaped into the next tree over.  Pete weighted the odds of making that same leap.

Think.  Think.  Think...

Should I jump to the next tree?  Should I sit here a look pretty for the camera?  Decisions, decisions.

At this point he is wondering how he is going to get out of the tree.  10 feet is a long way.

He is thinking, "Maybe you could put the camera down and come help me..."

He circles the branches a few times.   Looks down at the grass.

Go up?  Go down?  Wait for help?

As Shawn arrives to help, and Pete is starting to get a bit higher, and Heidi is starting to freak out a little bit, Pete comes to his senses.  He doesn't want this man grabbing him and dragging him down the ladder.

So, he runs as fast as he can straight down the tree trunk and off to safety.

And a quick roll on the steps before he is off to his next adventure.

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