Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Daisy Mae - Post Op Update

Daisy Mae had her bone Biopsy on Monday afternoon and did so well in the recover room, they sent her home on Monday night.

It was a crazy evening as I was not expecting her until Tuesday afternoon.

I had to leave work, pick up Heidi, find baby gates, drop Heidi at my parents, switch cars with Shawn, get Daisy by 6:30, get her settled at home, get Heidi back home, and eat dinner.

Heidi was amazingly helpful.  I explained that we were going to stop at home to check for a baby gate and let Pig out.  We had to be very quick.

When we got to the driveway, she jumped out of the van, ran in the house, and called for Pig to go outside.  When I was down in the storage room looking for a baby gate, she found a snack, hauled her old blanket up to the kitchen for Daisy, and got back in the van.

After we arrived at my parents house, she jumped out of the van, told me I was not allowed to get out due to my hurry to keep going, and ran inside.  I waited for her to close the door and called my step-mom.  I told her not to let Heidi know I was calling but I needed to know that she made it in okay.  Terri played along and Heidi was able to feel like a big girl.

I ran over to my mother-in-laws house to pick up some baby gates. I found mine but all the hardware is currently MIA.  Thank goodness for Renee, she had two that will work for now.  We need to keep Daisy off the furniture for the next two to three weeks so when we are not home she will be gated into the kitchen.

Then I needed to switch cars with Shawn and find my way to the University.  That was uneventful except I think Shawn's bosses girlfriend believes I stole a car from their parking lot.  I had to pass her on the way from the van to the truck, we were both on our phones, and she was giving me an odd look.

I arrived at the vet to a dog who was very mad at me but equally happy to head home.  After I checked her out the vet and the vet student helped me load her in the back of the truck.  It took both of them to lift her up.

The ride home was insane!  Daisy was supposed to lay down in the back but instead she climbed between the front and back seats about 12 times while I drove down the freeway.  She was unable to find a comfortable place so she paced back and forth.

My brother and Dawn met us at the house to help get her out of the truck.  I love my brother!!  He left his half cooked dinner to come to my house and lift my large dog out of the truck so I wouldn't accidental drop her. Isn't family the best?!

We will get the results of the biopsy in two to seven days.  This will tell us what kind of cancer we are dealing with and allow us to understand our treatment options. 

Until then, Daisy has to stay calm, off furniture, and must stay on her leash (even when outside to go to the bathroom).

And she will sleep here:

 But that's not her.  I put down two sleeping bags and a comforter so of course Pig thought, "Oh! A bed for me?  In the kitchen?!  I have to lay on it!"  And he did.

She also has to take her pain killers three times a day until the vet says to stop.  This will probably be about a week.

As I write this, on Monday evening, I am remembering last Monday when she was sedated and acting very goofy.  She is not so goofy this time but in a lot more pain.  I have never heard this dog cry before but she is whimpering now.

She occasionally gets up to walk and her limp is pronounced.  She cries when she lays down and my heart breaks to watch her try to get comfortable.

The biopsy is the only way to know how to treat her so I know it was necessary but watching her tonight is very difficult.  I am left wondering how we went from "just fine" to "biopsy" in 8 days.

I will continue to post about her progress, as well as her treatment.

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