Friday, July 9, 2010

Fourth Of July Weekend Day 3

For our final day of this beautiful three day weekend we headed to Cabela's in Rogers.  If you have never been to Cabela's go there soon.  And plan to be there for awhile.  It's like Ikea for outdoors people!  In addition a sales floor that has just about anything you want for the outdoors they also have a restaurant and games to play.

Shawn and Ryan wanted to go pick up some last minute items for their BWCA trip so Heidi and I tagged along.

If taxidermy makes you squeamish I suggest you stop reading here as there are about to be a lot of photos coming up. (Terri, this means you!)

When you walk into the store there is a huge, two story, 360 display of animals.  It is amazing!

Heidi loves polar bears and was in heaven being this close to the real thing.  She did touch a polar bears paw through glass once but that's another story for another day.

In a room off to the side is an African display.  I was surprised this didn't upset Heidi. 

Couldn't you just give this guy a big hug?

How real does this look?!

And this one would have come home with us but we didn't have room in the van.

When we have a cabin of our own I will get Heidi one of these.

When Heidi and her cousin, Hunter, were three we took them to Macy's for the Christmas display.  Then we went to the Christmas department to look around.  The kids found foot rests like this, but they were reindeer and I think maybe a polar bear, and they rode them around the store for many, many minutes.  I took video, I should find that and post it on here...  It's really funny.

Anyway, back to our day at Cabelas. 

While Shawn and Ryan were shopping for things like light weight sleeping bags and water shoes, Heidi and I wandered around.

We checked out tents (we like the one with the living room!), we laid on cots (she liked them better than the ones at her school), we played a shooting game (but were so bad we had to have Shawn come over and help us finish), and we wandered over to the home furnishings department (and laid on all of the couches and plopped in all of the bean bag chairs).

Then Heidi and I went to the General Store and bought fudge. She wanted to sample all of it but I'm not that kind of mom. I only let her have two samples. I bought the snickers bar and she bought the milk chocolate. It was very, very good but we could only eat a few bites at a time. I think Heidi liked the little knife they put in the box better than the fudge!

We finally found the guys, which was an adventure in itself involving Heidi directing us around the store while talking to her dad on the cell phone, and headed out.
Our last outing of the weekend was a trip to see Justin and Dawn's new place.  It's big and right on a park.  They had spent the entire weekend painting, cleaning, and getting ready for carpet to come in.  I am so excited for them.  I really think they can be happy in this house.  Dawn does such a good job making a place feel like a home, I am sure they will be settled in no time. 
We had fun picturing where the furniture will go and looking in all empty rooms.  But then it was time for them to go back to work so we headed home to end our weekend with some dinner and a nice relaxing evening.

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