Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Silly Pete

When Pete first came home back in October he lived in the guest room. After a few days we moved him into Heidi's room. He had his own litter box until he had been with us for about 2 months.

One day, sometime in December, I emptied, cleaned, and refilled Eddie's litter box.

Pete's box had been filled with litter that is made of recycled paper. It is easy to clean up and keeps odors very low.

Eddie's box is filled with Petco Scoopable Litter. It is just like sand, it works well, and it's cheap.

Pete discovered Eddie's freshly cleaned litter box, dove in, and rolled around like it was a sand box. Since I don't typically have my camera with me for this particular chore I was not able to get a picture of how cute this was.

Then on one of the first days that Pete was allowed to go outside he discovered Heidi's sand box. He jumped in and rolled around just like that day back in December.

This time I had my camera.
It's no wonder my dining room is full of sand...

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