Friday, April 9, 2010

Yummy - Strawberries!

Yeah!  It's spring!  I was able to spend a few hours working out in the yard last week because Jessica made dinner.  What more could I have asked for??

I took this rare oppertunity to clean up my strawberry planter and get it ready to grow.

First I had to dig it out of it's winter hiding spot.

Wow, it's rough.

Then I moved it out into the yard.  This is where Shawn tells me I need to move it back to where I had it last year and already killed to grass.  Oops!

That's okay!  I like it right there on the edge of the driveway.

Oh, look!  Someone is bringing mom some lemonade. What a sweet girl!

Wait! What happened to the lemonade?  And where is Pinky's shirt?

Oh.  You weren't trying to be helpful.  I should have known. 

What a HAM!

Ok, back to work.

Much better!  I can't wait for fresh strawberries, I hope they grow soon...  Ah, who am I kidding?  They kids will eat them all as soon as they turn red.  Maybe I need to start another planter!  Hmm... I wonder if Shawn will be mad if I kill more grass in the name of yummy strawberries...


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