Sunday, April 11, 2010

Family Cook Out

A little under a year ago Shawn's dad moved to Arizona for work.  He has been able to make it home a few times since he moved but we do not see him very often.

When he arrived home this weekend we decided to have a cook out and get the family together at our place.

We had wonderful food and for the first time in cook out history we had no leftovers!
Margie had a lot of fun with the bubbles.
As did Kristen and Makayla

Renee enjoyed spending time with Ingrid and Brandon.
When Ingrid was done being shy she enjoyed spending time (and sharing chips) with Heidi and Emily.

Everyone stood around and visited.

Kids played in the sandbox with a dog.
And kids played with chalk on the driveway.

Johannah mugged for the camera.

Makayla looked beautiful, as always.

Cliff got to spend time with is buddy Pig.

And he ended the day with a huge Heidi hug.

It was such a beautiful day full of sunshine, good food, and family.


Anonymous said...

very nice post


Kara said...

Thanks Pop! We wish you could join us. Hope to see you this summer.