Friday, April 23, 2010

Pete and the Ducks

Here's a trivia question. What state has the most shore line?

California? Hawaii? Nope.

It's Minnesota.

Yes, really. They call us the land of 10,000 lakes but the count is closer to 15,000 lakes. Then there are rivers and streams galore.

There is also an ordinance in the city of Minneapolis that states there must be a city park within 6 blocks of any house. This ordinance has been adopted by neighboring cities as well allowing for a lot of green space within our massive city.

All this water and green space attracts wildlife so it's not uncommon to see more than just the urban squirrel or bunny or raccoon.

Last week my brother had a deer snacking on something in his back yard.

A few years ago we almost hit a red fox while driving through our neighborhood.

Later that same summer I had to quickly change course on my bike when I saw a badger drinking from the creek.

Those all make for good stories.

So I was not shocked when I looked out the front window and saw a little duck family hanging out in the yard.

I was, however, amused to see how Pete reacted.

The ducks were hanging out at the corner of the yard.
They let me approach a bit but I had my camera on full zoom so I was not too close.
Here comes Pete.  At this distance he is very confident.
The half way point between the house and the street is this tree.  He runs up to the tree and stops to check out the ducks.  He is formulating a plan.
Pete sets his plan in action and starts approaching the ducks.
The pair of ducks have started to slowly move to the neighbors driveway.  Pete slows because he hears a noise. 
The Mallard turns and sees Pete and says "QUACK" - Abort!  Abort!! Pete blots back to the front steps.
Baby.  Couldn't even approach two ducks.
I guess he should stick to stalking the bees in the bathroom.  They don't quack at him.

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Dawn said...

Pete is so cute - I love the pictures!!