Monday, April 5, 2010

If You Only Do One Thing This Month...

I get 4 or 5 emails a day from Real Simple magazine with a quote of the day, a recipe, a tip on how to stay (get) organized, a product meant to make your life just that much better, easier, simpler.

I love these emails and I love this magazine so naturally I was thrilled when one arrived on April 1st called “The One Thing You Should in April”

I was giddy at the thought that in this very email the editors of Real Simple would make my life “Real Simple.” All I had to do was that one thing.

What would it be?

Was it a tip on how to organize my to-do list so I actually can get something crossed off?

Was it a tip on how to get cat litter out of the rug in the laundry room so it stops clogging up my main drain (I love and hate clumping cat litter!)

Was it a tip on how to get my child/two other children living in my house/husband/dogs/cats to pick up the back yard at the end of the night so all shoes and cups make it in the house?

Was it a tip on how to keep so darn much sand out of my dining room?


If you do only one thing this month…

Wait for it…

Dust your houseplants.


Here is why I don’t dust my house plants. They just end up looking like this.

This is Heidi’s lovely plant, a gift from my brother and Dawn, after Daisy Mae trampled it.

How might the 120 pound dog trample a plant that appears not to be on the floor, you ask? Well, there was a random cat in the yard, of course! Random cats cause 120 pound dogs to think it is okay to jump into the bay window and crush, push, trample anything in the way.

And honestly, this is the only houseplant in my house. We had a small palm tree in our kitchen but Pete thought it was a cat treat. The palm tree now lives on the mantel at my brother’s house where it is safe from cats.

I think it is safe to say this is a tip I will send directly to the recycle bin. It is very unlikely this plant will be around long enough to collect any dust. And if it is I am sure Daisy will knock it off the next time a random cat is in the front yard.

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