Friday, November 6, 2009

Trick Or Treat!

We woke up Saturday morning to snow. It brought back memories of 1991 when we had a blizzard on Halloween. That sure did not stop the kids from going out! I worked the church carnival that year and people came out in spite of 28 inches of snow falling.

The snow stopped before long and nothing stuck to the ground. It hit the low 40's but when the sun went away it dropped to the 30's.

Halloween in Minnesota is very difficult because it is almost always cold out on Halloween. This year was no exception. We were able to avoid forcing the children to wear jackets over the top of their costumes but Heidi ended up putting on a sweatshirt under hers along with a long sleeved t-shirt, tights, long pants, gloves, and boots.

This the second year that we went trick or treating with Willy and Emily. Shannon joined us again this year and so did Briana and Johannah with Taylor.

Heidi was a Monster Bride and Willy was Tiger.

They kids were excited to get going but we had to get some pictures first! I think Willy is about to kiss Heidi here...

It is near impossible to get Briana to smile. And Emily was in a mood so group photos were difficult.

We told Briana that we were not leaving until she smiled. This was the best I got.

In this picture is Briana (12), Willy (4), Heidi (4), Emily (3), and Johannah (10).

Shannon is a cat but it's hard to see her ears against the dark background.

Heidi got the thing she is holding from the Circus. We brought it with us and turned it on when it got really dark.

We went about 15 blocks before the kids were done walking. Ryan carried Emily for the last few blocks. Shannon and I made Heidi walk but she complained for a few minutes.

We ended up giving away two large bowls of candy to the kids who came to our door. We turned off the light early to get some dinner and ended up with a full bag left over. That, plus what Heidi got from the Anoka Parade and trick or treating, means that we have way to much candy in the house now!

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