Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

I love fall! It's one my of four favorite seasons.

Living in Minnesota we get the best, and worst, of all seasons and I love them all for different reasons.

Fall is wonderful because it's normally a relieve from the extreme heat of August. This year August was cold and the colors are not changing as they normally. And with Halloween being the fifth weekend in the month everything is a bit off.

We had planned on going to the Pine Tree Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Patch like we do every year but due to the rain and cold we didn't get out until this weekend. By this time Pine Tree had packed up all their pony's and all the pumpkins were rotten.

Jess found this place on the Internet. It's called Anoka County Farms. They were a bit different but in a good way. This place pulled all their pumpkins into rows in the yard so you did not have to search through the field. I liked this because you can walk for acres and acres before you find even one good pumpkin.
They also had a ton of cut outs to take pictures with. Heidi really liked this Witch Cat.
I had never seen a white pumpkin before. They had a few sitting around. A quick google search says that they are just called White Pumpkins.

This place purchased the Snoopy bowl and dog bone bench from the Mall of America when it turned over to Nickelodeon Universe.
The filled the bowl with pumpkins.

We put the kids up on this wagon and I gave each of them a gourd. I don't know what Heidi is holding but it is really cool!

It was a little cold out but one of the nicer days we have had in the last few weeks. We needed to wear coats but hats were optional.

The line for the pony ride was crazy long! Shawn waited in line for over an hour while we went off and played.

He was not very happy about it but the things you won't do for your kids.

And is sure was worth it. Heidi had a blast. She just loves riding ponies and horses.

This was a fun place but we did miss the apple orchard and all of the apple treats. Next year will be a toss up to where we end up!

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