Monday, October 12, 2009

October Snow

We woke up on Saturday morning to a covering of snow. It melted shortly after the sun came up but is was a beautiful sight.
It has been a very cold October so far. We should be in the 50's or 60's right now but it's snowing! This morning, Monday morning, we woke up to heavy, wet snow. With the promise of more coming until the afternoon.

It is so lovely but I am left to wonder what happened to fall?

This shot is of my favorite tree. It may be the only time we see snow on this tree this year. Half of it fell in a wind storm last year and we are going to take it down over the winter. What a shame. It has to be 50 years old and provides shade to the entire north side of our house and our driveway. It also covers a large part of the neighbors yard and provides shade to the south west side of their house.

I love when snow is so wet and heavy it just sits where ever it falls turning ordinary object like a gate into something wonderful to look at. Then when it starts to get to heavy it falls off in huge snow ball like chunks.
Wish us luck on our commute today. I am very comfortable driving in the snow. But like most other things in life, it's not how careful or competent you are, it's how careful and competent the people around you are.
Happy snow every one and best wishes for a white Halloween!!!

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