Sunday, October 11, 2009

Again With The Little Things...

When Heidi was about 18 months old Shannon was caring her out of a Target Store. Heidi was wearing a dress but she didn't have on one of those diaper cover things.

Outside the store they have these big red balls. They are used to deter people from driving their cars through the front of the store or on the sidewalk.

Shannon put her on the ball and Heidi thought it was the best thing ever.

When we were walking to the car Heidi kept saying "my butt is falling out!"

We didn't know what she was talking about until we got to the car and realized that when Shannon picked her up off the ball her diaper had come undone and her butt was hanging out!

Now, every time we walk past one of these balls Heidi wants to climb on it.

One night, after enjoying dinner at the Olive Garden in Maple Grove, we walked across the parking lot to whatever that sporting goods store is.

These were really cute. She is cheer leading on the basketball.
And on the soccer ball.
And now she is practicing her karate. Hi-ya!

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