Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Perfect Night for a Softball Game

Shawn plays softball most of the summer and fall for a local men's league. Heidi and I like to go watch him play though we usually end up at a park or talking to the other wives so much that we miss most of the game.

Heidi likes to bug daddy when he is supposed to be paying attention.

She tends to get bored after awhile and gets silly.
Puppy dog faces mean she is looking for something new to do.

Like goof off with Uncle Justin.

Or play with the camera - Say Cheese Momma!

This week we brought Kristen and Taylor with us. We had planned to have a picnic but ended up eating Arby's on the bleachers. That's okay, that's fun too!
Kristen's turn - say cheese!!

Heidi enjoyed having more than just Momma there to entertain her. Smile girls!

There is always a playground by a softball field. Swinging sounds like fun!
While Heidi swings...

Kristen takes a try at the zip cord - half way is good!

"Ride on Horsey Ride!" Heidi tries out the Horse Ride.
Practice is over...

Time for a race!! Keep up Kristen!

When the game is over Heidi takes a turn at running the bases. Go HEIDI!

And it's a home run! Way to go Heidi!!

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