Friday, July 10, 2009

Swimming in Arizona

I am finally getting around to uploading our Arizona pictures onto Flickr and posting them on our site. Sorry for the delay, I know some of you have been waiting for these!

We spent a week in Mesa with Grandma Sibben in March. We had such a wonderful time! It's so easy for us to vacation with Grandma.

We spent at least an hour in the pool every day. We love to swim as a family and will find a pool a few times a month all year round but this was a special treat because we got to swim out in the sun in March (not something you can do in Minnesota!!)

Kids swimming does not start until 11 am. Heidi was trying so hard to wait for the clock to strike 11! She picked a flower and put it in her hair. What a beautiful girl!

Heidi loves to be tossed around, on land or in the water. Here Shawn is tossing her to me. She would do this all day but mom and dad are always tired before she is ready to be done.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the trip. Thanks to Pam for taking the picture!! It really shows how happy we were to be together as a family on vacation.

Heidi is a fish. I was like this as a kid too. She has been in swimming lessons on and off since she was 12 months. She has completed 5 sessions and will be in level 2 when she goes back this fall. In this picture she is swimming across the pool. She had gotten even better since this was taken in March.

The bottoms on Heidi's swim suit wore out so we went to Target and picked up two new suits for Heidi and one for Shawn. I like to have Heidi wear swim shirts since she gets cold easy at the in door pools and it helps to keep the sun off when we are outside. Here is one of the new suits.

Oh, and that's her tatoo. We went out to dinner and they had tatoos in a machine. Heidi LOVES tatoos! She wanted this on her thigh. It was a riot because it's a huge dragon. You can see it in some of the pictures throughout the trip but the spray suntan lotion takes it off pretty quickly.
If you want to see the rest of the swimming pictures check them out on Flickr:

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