Thursday, July 2, 2009

I do believe I have been tricked…

Right now Heidi has two frogs that turned out to be toads in an old fish tank in her room. She loves telling people that she has frogs (toads). She loves that they are named Froggy and Sara. She loves going to Petco (it’s where the pets go!) to buy food. She really loves the idea of her own pets.

The problem is that Shawn and I are the ones taking care of the frogs (toads). Last night we told her that the frogs (toads) are done on their vacation and are ready to return home. They liked staying with her but they need to go home and see their families.

We will be camping at the swamp this weekend and will be returning the frogs (toads) to their pond. We told her she could visit them every time she is up there. She was okay with that.

Shawn told her she could refill her fish tank with a lizard. She is very happy about this.

I have been tricked. This was all an elaborate plan to get a lizard.

This time I am really not taking care of it. It’s all Heidi and Shawn.

Yeah. Right.

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