Friday, April 3, 2009

Welcome to the Kuykendall Family Website!!!

Welcome to the Kuykendall Family Website!!!

After Shawn and I were married I had the bright idea to move to the other side of town. We rented an apartment in Burnsville for 11 months and promptly returned to the North Side as soon as we could. Who knows what I was thinking but obviously I was trying to distance myself.

After we left the apartment we moved to North Minneapolis where we were 6 blocks from Shawn’s family and less than 1 mile from my family. Shortly after living there Justin moved in with us and everyone was now on the right side of the river again.

In 2006 we must have thought that 6 blocks and less than 1 mile were still to far so we moved to our current house in Brooklyn Center. Now we are 1 block from Shawn’s family and 15 blocks from mine. And I am happy!!!

However, now its other peoples turn to move. And we have extended family who are not within walking or biking distance.

You all know that I am not good at calling people on a regular basis (I think the phone is a necessary evil!) and I am pretty bad at emailing in a timely manor as well. This has lead me to believe that it would be a good idea to start a website. (Note that I will not call this “My Blog” in respect for the fact Shawn thinks Blogs are lame).

My plan is to post funny stories, pictures, and other things to help keep everyone up to date on our lives. This may, to some, look like a great step towards efficacy and organization on my part but I really think it just shows how lazy I really am :)



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