Saturday, January 24, 2015

Get It Together: Thinking Of You

At the beginning of each year I think of a few small things I want to add to my life to help me make the most of it. This year, one thing I want to work on is taking the time to reach out to my friends in a non-electronic way.

I came up with an idea to keep on top of this without it becoming an overwhelming task or just one more thing I have to do.

Each month I am going to pick five friends and send them a hand written note. I will pick a theme for that month and each card will go with that theme.

I read that January is Tea Month so my first five friends are receiving a tea bag along with their note.

Each month I will share with you all what my theme is and maybe it will serve as inspiration to you.

Now, how am I going to do this without it becoming just one more thing? Simple.

It all starts with knowing where everything is. I have my stamps and address labels in a bin on my desk. When I run low on stamps I jump right out to and order more so I never am left empty handed.

I have a stack of note cards that I have accumulated over the years that I am pulling from. I will now no longer feel guilty when I see cute cards at a craft fair because I will have a use for them! (Bonus!)

I add it to my To Do List for a Saturday mid-month and I keep a list in my personal note book of who I sent cards to this month. Throughout the month, if I think of someone to add I can quickly jot that down. This month my list was made up of a few friends with birthdays and a few friends I don't see often at all and one friend who just has so much on her plate I knew a little note would make her day.

And that's it! Let me know if you were inspired and if so, what theme did you pick?

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Amanda Ironmonger said...

I love this idea and will be borrowing your themes each month! What a great way to stay connected to friends and family. :-)