Friday, February 22, 2013

I Need a Kevin in My Life!

Last week Shawn returned home from Dog School with Cupcake with the news that she was very close to passing her class. At the end of the night the teacher told Cupcake and Kevin they would pass next week if they get their “down” mastered.

Wait! Hold up!

Who is Kevin? I needed to know.

Turns out Kevin is another dog in her class.

I don’t know what it was about that name but when I heard it I just knew I needed to have a cat named Kevin in my life. He needs to be a boy (obviously) and he needs to be a kitten. He would fit in well with Peter and Eddie. I just know it!

So I tell my BFF Shannon about this need and she starts sending me links to Catteries (who the heck knew cat breeders were called Catteries?!) because Shawn said I could only get a Kevin if he was a Doll Face Persian.

Did you know that Doll Face Persian’s from a Cattery are like $2,000?

Well, no Kevin for me.

At least not right now. But some day I will have a Kevin in my life. Most likely after Eddie has passed on (he is 13 but Shawn says he will live to be 23 because he is so ornery).

If I wait until Eddie is no longer with us then I can get whatever cat I want. So, in 10 years I will have a Kevin and he will be a black with gray striped tabby. Or another big orange tabby. Only time will tell.
Peter in the dog food bin when he was about 8 months old. This picture doesn't really go with this post but I found it on my computer today and just had to share it.
Happy Friday everyone!

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