Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So You Want A Cupcake...

Two Cupcake posts in two days?! I know, I know but she is consuming my life right now.

I bet you are asking yourself, what does it take to care for a Cupcake day to day? Is this something I could do?

Well, lucky you! I am here to tell you!

First it takes not one but two collars.

And it helps if one is pink with a zebra striped tag. One is for identification and is to be warn at all times. The other is for walking and easy lifting.

For sleeping you will need a large crate but to keep her from peeing in it every.single.night block it off with some old packing boxes. If your husband used to work for a moving company you probably have a ton of these laying around.

Any extra blankets you have laying around should promptly be claimed by the Cupcake as backup blankets in the event she poops in her crate and uses her blanket to cover it up.

She will need at least 3 nylon bones, a crinkle Spiderman, a kong, a Tupperware bowl, and a red ring chew toy for chewing. This is in no way enough entertainment to keep her from chewing on the cup holders or seat belts in the van or everything.Heidi.leaves.on.the.floor but it's a start.

She will need not one, not two, but four rope toys. If you count the red ring, it's 5. These are for playing tug and being drug around the house by the kids.

An Angry Bird Pig/Bird toy for chewing and cuddling in hopes your Cupcake does not decide to eat any of your 7 year old's stuffies. (I cannot even begin to explain how horrible it would be if Cupcake ate Heidi's stuffies... oh, the horror...)

You also need two leashes, as many poop bags as you can afford and store, a pooper scooper, lots and lots of puppy food and training treats, a food and water bowl for the house and another set for the camper, something for your water dog to dunk her head in, and many, many balls in a variety of different sizes.

It's best to have 6 adults, two teenagers, and as many 6 and 7 year olds as you can find to entertain this Cupcake. She will still have too much energy but it's a start.

Make sure to do your best not to let her nap to long during the day or she will have you up at 4 am for a potty and play party. It's best to take her every where you go to keep from leaving her in the crate where she will sleep to much and again, get you up for that 4 am play party.

But most of all, have a wonderful husband who has taken every.single.night shift since she moved in just over 4 weeks ago.

There you have it. All the information you need to decide if having a Cupcake is right for you!

Hasta Luego,



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Lucy McCracken said...

I love Cupcake! It sounds like she has quite the lovely life. :) I love to read when people love and care for their pets, it just makes my heart so full and happy! I loved this post!