Friday, July 13, 2012

Random (and Not So Random) Acts of Kindness

Happy Friday everyone! This week sure flew by. It started out with some wonderful news (which I will share with you on Monday) and the just kept sailing. And now here we are at Friday!

Yesterday I volunteered at Feed My Starving Children with a group from the office. We are given 16 hours a year to volunteer on company time so we used a few to pack food for starving people all over the world.

In the past we have packed the Manna Pack that is give to everyone so I was really excited when they told us we would be packing the Potato Pack W which is a pack of food for babies who are not getting breast milk any more but are to young for the Rice in the Manna Pack. W stand for Weaning.

They only pack this food for one day out of every 3 months so we were very lucky to be able to help these babies.

There were 7 of us from our office and 103 other people there. This is this difference we made!
Have you ever volunteered for an organization like this? If not, I highly suggest that you do. The feeling you get from helping in this way is amazing.

Volunteering at FMSC is an act of kindness but it is not at all random and random or anonymous acts are where it really at. 

Find Your Sparkle, a wonderfully delightful woman with an equally delightful blog has challenged her followers to commit a Random Acts of Kindness on the second Friday of each month. 

When I read this challenge, I knew right away that I wanted to participate, which is to complete an act of kindness for a complete stranger.

I wasn't sure what I would do so I checked out her link to KarmaCooler for ideas. I loved all 100 ideas and I am going to figure out how to do most of them but I didn't find many that applied to Complete Strangers. 

And I am entirely to introverted tell the person in line behind me at the coffee shop that I am buy their drink. Plus I like the anonymity of the act more than the word complete stranger.

So I am modifying every so slightly. I do hope Lucy understands!

I am delivering my act of kindness to the lot attendants where I park my car. For years they have been parking my car and now that I am a contract parker they are helping me when I have issues with the door (which happens more than I would like...). I consider them strangers because we do not say much more than "hey" or "what's up with that door?" to each other on any given day.

I snuck a container of bakery fresh cookies into their little room in the garage with a little note on them that says "Smile! You have just been tagged by an act of kindness. Pass it on!"

And they will never know it is me. That's the best part.

Now it is your turn! Complete an act if kindness for a (semi)-stranger! Make it anonymous but let them know it was an act of kindness by leaving a note of some kind.  When you are done you can comment below, I would love to hear your ideas. Or write your own blog post about it and link back here.

Have fun with it, I sure did!

Find your sparkle, bog site


Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

That's awesome that your company lets you do volunteer work on company time! Must be a great employer! I love the idea of doing random acts of kindness; it is bound to make this world a little bit better place. Way to go!!

Lucy McCracken said...

That's so wonderful! I bet the parking lot attendant was thrilled to receive those fresh cookies. You really made his day. I also think it's so wonderful that you're giving of your time to such an important organization and helping to feed others around the world. You are AWESOME!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

This is so very awesome!
Between you and Lucy and all the other amazing people out there ... I am in awe. Every single day, in awe.

The Management said...

Look at you being a total superstar! Random acts of kindness are incredible.

the lovebirds said...

wow! this is fantastic. You go girl!! How dedicated and humbled you are to give up your time to such a good cause. xoxo

Amanda Schroeder said...

My blog used to be called "Pay it Forward." You are an awesome person doing very cool deeds. What an experience. That sounds like so much fun. New follower here..I'm super excited too.

Allison Coomes said...

what a thoughtful gesture for the parking attendants! seriously great company of yours to encourage volunteering. I'm your newest follower...look forward to reading more!

Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

What a fun idea! I bet that made those attendants days. I try and pay for meals behind me in the drive thru line when I remember, and am able. It's such a fun and good feeling, and when the random acts happen to you they make my day! So easy to help someone out! Good challenge!

Amy Sullivan said...

Oh my gosh, I need to apply to your company. You know a few years ago, I heard of lots of companies paying employees to volunteer, but with the crazy economy, I haven't heard it as much. Glad there are still places out there encouraging their employees to do more.

Thanks for sharing your story!

Positively Alene said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Need to know more about that volunteer opportunity and more like it. The white board got me. Right in the gut. Right in the Spirit. Beautiful are the hands and feet. Good News friend!!!

No(dot dot)el said...

I love the surprise factor in giving something as simple as cookies. So great. And What a great organization. I have never heard of them. I need to read up some more about them. OH and YAY for Lucy and this link up. SO happy to have found you through it. ;)