Friday, April 27, 2012

Where to Eat: The Lodge of Robbinsdale

One Saturday night a few weeks back we found ourselves kid free at dinner time. When this happens we try not to miss an opportunity to open up our dinner options to include restaurants we may not want to try with a slightly picky seven year old in tow.

After asking for recommendations on the trusty old Facebook and searching yelp we ended up at The Lodge in Robbinsdale for Prime Rib night. Those of you who know me, I mean really know me, know I am always on the lookout for a restaurant who serves a trusty Prime Rib. One that is good every time. One where I can order my medium rare slice and it comes out medium rare. One where it comes out warm but does not have grill marks on it. I cannot begin to tell you how much of a disappointment grill marks on a Prime Rib are!

Oh, sorry, where was I?

Yes. The Lodge of Robbinsdale. The Lodge is located at 4080 W Broadway right next door to Bill's Gun Range just off County Road 81 and Hwy 100 in Robbinsdale.

They offer a sports bar style menu with a good variety of food, reasonable prices, and a full bar. The dining room is split into a bar side and a dining room side. If you are there for dinner, not pool or drinking, I highly recommend the dinning room side. The bar side is rather loud.

Like I said, we went in with the intent on ordering Prime Rib but for no real reason I changed my mind and decided to order off the menu.

We ordered the Lodge Wings with Buffalo sauce. They had the perfect level of spice for me and surprisingly they were not too hot for Shawn either.

We also split The Cowboy Burger. The Cowboy can be ordered as a Hamburger or a Chicken Sandwich. We opted for the burger since we also had the wings. We ordered it Medium and it came out with the right amount of pink. I was pleased with the use of thick cut bacon as I am easily annoyed with the microwave bacon some restaurants have switched to. And as a BBQ sauce connoisseur, I was impressed with the smoky flavor in the sauce. Overall, this was a solid burger and I will order it again.

Next time I will remember to take a picture of them food. I had just gotten home from a work trip the day before where I spent the week suffering from seasonal allergies. I developed this insane cough that hung around for about a week. My friend and I called it My SARS (Stupid Atlanta Respiratory Sh!t). Well, the short story is that it took all my focus to keep my cough under control and I had no capacity left over to remember to snap off a few photos. So for today, you will just have to take my word!

Can you do that? Will we be okay?

Okay, moving on.
The Lodge also had a decent sized dessert menu that just appeared on our table sometime during our dinner. Everything looked great and we opted for the Apple Pie with Cinnamon Ice Cream. The pie was good but wasn't anything special. Next time I will try something different.

Shawn had a beer and I had a glass of wine and our total was just under $40. I thought this was a fair price for two dinners, one dessert, and two drinks.

While this is a place we tend to end up at when we do not have Heidi, I will bring her along on our next visit. But I will take care to check the Events calendar on their website first. Monday night is kids eat free night and Sunday they have a brunch. Saturday is the only night they offer Prime Rib. They have specials almost every night and a huge stage where they have bands most Saturday nights.

Our waiter was very friendly without being overbearing. He checked in with us at appropriate times and even though it seemed most of his tables were on the bar side he never made us feel like he forgot we were there.

We plan to check out their brunch and when we do I will let you know what we think. I recommend The Lodge of Robbinsdale to anyone looking for a good sports bar style dinner, with or without kids!

(The Lodge of Robbinsdale did not ask me to write this review, I paid for the products received, their staff doesn't even know I exist, I just really like their product and wanted you to know about it.)

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