Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011!

I have to say I am happy to see 2010 go but I am increasingly amazed by how fast a year can just fly by!

2010 was full of the typical ups and downs but I think this was the hardest year, personally, of my adult life. 

Many people close to me lost someone they loved for one reason or another and we had the diagnosis of Daisy Mae's cancer and Heidi's tough transition to her new school.

But there were good things as well.

Daisy Mae is doing very well.

Heidi is adjusting to her new school and it really is the best thing for her.

We have a nice home, good jobs, great family, and fantastic friends.

I have really enjoyed all the cooking I have been doing for my family.  And I am proud to say that, even though I had some ups and downs, I am officially 11.5 pounds lighter than I was on January 1st, 2010.  Most people in their thirty's gain 5 to 10 pounds a year and I lost!

In 2011, I look forward to expanding my recipe book even more (and sharing then with you!), continuing to bring my organizational skills that I totally rock at in the office back home, losing at least another 11.5 pounds (but even more would be fantastic), and continuing the make the most of life with me awesome family but enjoying good food and fun outings and the little things that we come across every day.

With that, I am going to go spend the first day of this new year with my family.  I hope the rest of you are able to do the same.

Best wishes for a Best 2011 Ever to all of you!!

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