Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

We woke up Satruday morning to a whole lot of snow. I am not talking "a lot of snow." I am talking the most snow we have had in twenty years.  It snow and blowed all day. 

Do you remember that saying the Postal Service used to have about not being stopped come rain or snow or sleet or whatever?  Well, the Postal Service did not make it to my house on Saturday and I am glad!  They do not need to be out in that blizard just so I can get my pizza coupons, four credit card offers, and a gas bill.

Sunday I opened the front door to get my newspaper and Peter ran right out. Silly cat, even 17 inches of snow wouldn't keep him in the house.  Yes, 17 inches at 8 am on Sunday morning.

The paper was just on the other side of the door so when I pushed the door open the paper slid farther away.  Heidi was brave (crazy) enough to run out in her bare feet to grab it for me.

Shawn cleared the driveway twice on Saturday and then one more time on Sunday morning.  Thank goodness for that new snow blower!

While he was clearing the driveway, Heidi and I bundled up and went out to join him.  Daisy wanted to go out with us so I put one of her "recovery" shirts on her and brought her out with us.  Pig stayed snuggled in a comforter on the couch.  Anyone surprised?

I love this picture of Daisy running around on the driveway.  She was so happy, she just loves snow.  And we were so happy to see her enjoy the snow this time since the last snow seemed to annoy her.  Just another reason why I am happy we stopped her Chemo treatments.  Sunday would have been her sick day, she would have been passed out on the couch.  But instead she was her old self, running around the driveway until her feet froze and she had to go in.

I can only think of two differences between the Daisy of Last Winter and the Daisy of Sunday - 1. the t-shirt.  2.  she is missing a leg.  But look how happy she is!!  And skinny.  That dog is so skinny!

Here is an idea of how big our snow banks got.  Remember, Heidi is an average height 5-year old!

To keep warm, she kept busy by digging out the van and

Clearing the front steps.  By this time, Pete was back in the house, do you see him in the window?
Then it was time to head over to the in-laws to clear their driveway and sidewalk.  They only live about a block from us so we typically walk there.  Since Shawn had the snow blower, he drove and Heidi talked me in to walking with her.  The picture above is where a sidewalk should be. The city had not cleared them out yet and I am wondering if we will see a sidewalk again before the snow melts in April.
Always a good citizen, Heidi helped clear some of the snow that had fallen back into the road.
And then she became a kid and climbed the snowbank.  She walked on the snowbanks almost the entire way to the in-laws house.  Up the snowbank, down at each driveway, and then back up.
Queen of the mountain!!

Always safety first with this one, she did her best to dig out the fire hydrant.

Our walk was beautiful. The sun was shining.  I think it was just above 0 degrees but with the correct snow gear on, we were fine.  I don't have ski pants so I had on yoga pants and a pair of wind pants and that did the trick!

Heidi and Shawn were outside for over two hours clearing the driveways and walking.  When they got home, they were cold but not frozen.

I know my co-workers think I am crazy for living here but come on, tell me that is not beautiful!


Tammy said...

That is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Kara!

Kara said...

This is exactly why I live here :)