Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree

The Friday after Thanksgiving we ran up to the place that sells trees right at the edge of our old neighborhood.  Since it was so early in the season, there were so many to pick from.

It was a bit chilly out but nothing ski jackets and hats wouldn't solve.  We spent a good twenty minutes walking through the rows of trees, searching out the perfect one for our living room.

Heidi picked a beautiful, full tree that was even on all sides.  Good job, Heidi!

It is amazing to me what she remembers and forgets from year to year.  She said she didn't remember the tree store but as soon as we walked into the building to pay, she asked for a candy cane.  So, she clearly remembered that part!
The tree guy and Shawn loaded our tree into the back of the van.  A tree that fits perfectly in the back of the van fits perfectly in our living room.  How convenient!

We got home and Pete jumped right into the van to approve the tree.  Last year, he climbed the tree daily.  We have a very good tree stand, thankfully!  He would climb the trunk and sit in the branches!
Heidi was so excited to have the tree in the house.  But we could not decorate it until it thawed out for at least 24 hours.  The branches needed to relax a bit and the tree needed to go back to it's pre-hauling form.

I had to go to Florida that Monday so we didn't get to decorate the tree until the following weekend.  It nearly made Heidi crazy!

Makayla helped me hang the lights.  Twice.  We got all the lights up and then realized the end didn't have prongs on the outlet!  Somewhere along the way, we plugged a strand in backwards so we had to start over again.

Heidi helped place the ornaments in the high places.
 And Makayla helped by texting her friends. 

Wait.  That's not helping...

Pete hasn't climbed it yet, but he does sharpen his claws on it since he is stuck in the house most days now.  But he does approve, and that's all that matters!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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