Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No Stray Socks Here

I have had this dream for many years.  Maybe it has been my entire adult life.  And for a few hours last night, that dream had come true.  I was so proud, so happy to have finally reached my dream.

For a few hours last night every towel, every piece of clothing that was not attached to someones person, was clean, folded, and put away!

I honestly do not remember that last time I was able to say that.  Or even, if I ever have been able to say that!  There is always that one stray sock, that one washcloth in the tub, that one towel in the kitchen, that has always held me back.

But last night, for a matter of a couple of hours, every thing was not only clean but put away.  This means that for an entire week, every time I am asked "where are my (pants, hoodie, socks, tights...)" I can confidently say "everything was put way as of Monday night.  Did you check the (drawer, closet, cubbie)?"

How did I do this, you ask?  Well, it was not easy.  My final load of laundry was a total cheater load consisting of the following:

1 green t-shirt

1 Twins shirt
1 pair of striped knee high socks
1 pair of hockey socks
1 hockey undershirt
1 Dishcloth
2 Washcloths
3 flour sack towels
1 pair of Hockey tights
1 pair of running pants
1 bath towel
1 pink Rock Star shirt
2 hoddies, 1 pink, 1 blue
1 long sleeved green shirt
A few random socks
1 black undershirt
1 small black skirt

I had to distract my self completely while this load was being tossed in the washer but somehow I found the strength.  I hope my achievement of this dream has inspired some of you out there to reach for the stars!

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