Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daisy's Second Chemo Day

Yesterday was Daisy's second chemo day.

Since her first chemo day, 21 days ago, she has been her normal self. 

She continues to enjoy laying in the yard or on the couch.  She is back to sleeping in the bed full time.  She is eating anything put in front of her.

Ten days after treatment she has to have her blood level checked.  Everything came back good except her platelets were slightly low.  I talked to the oncologist and she was not concerned at all.

Yesterday, at 5 am, she made her way back to the University for her second treatment.  She still loves car rides, even if they are a bit more difficult for her.  It's hard for her to keep her balance on the seat.

I picked her up at 5 pm.  As always, they commented on how sweet she is and how much they just love her.

They also commented on how well she gets around.  Everyone, even the people at the University, are all still amazed at how she has adapted to her tripawd status.

Lastly, they told me that she threw up again.  As soon as they administered the Chemo drugs, she threw up. 

No one is concerned about her throwing up adversely effecting her treatment and she is not throwing up at home at all.  For her next treatment, we are going to give her some anti-nausea medication the night before to see if that helps.

But the good news is, she will be the first documented dog to receive this medication and throw up.  That's something to be proud of!

We continue to be very happy with the staff at the University as well as Daisy's laid back, just go with it, attitude.

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TriPawd Lover said...

Fantastic news! Daisy is an inspriation to all three leg osteo pups.