Saturday, September 18, 2010

An Itch and a Kankle

This blog has sorta of turned into the Daisy Mae Channel but this blog is about what's going on in our lives and she is pretty much it right now!

I am pleased with how well she is doing and she has finally figured out how to get me to hand feed her so I think we are both pretty happy right now.

This morning, I unhooked her harness and started scratching her where it had been.  Her back foot started kicked so I kept rubbing.  30 minutes and a pound of fur later she was satisfied. 

Or my breakfast ready.  I don't remember which is true.  Hey, I am doing a very good job not being selfish though all of this but a girls got to eat!

In any case, I stopped petting her.

About a hour later I noticed her super Kankle and put in a call to the vet. Her surgeon happens to be working the emergency shift today and I am now waiting on a call back.

I think it is the fluid in her body moving and settling into her foot and maybe I made it worse by removing her harness.  I think Daisy would agree the scratch under the harness is worth the kankle.

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Anonymous said...

Kankle's suck! Keep up the good work, Daisy.