Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Heidi's First Day of School

I wasn't sad or nervous for her until I had to leave the building.  Then I got this overpowering feeling that I didn't want to get in the car and go home.  But I had walked her all the way to her room, left her sitting in her chair, nothing was going to go wrong.  So, I fired up the van and drove away.

As I am typing this, I am waiting for her to arrive home to tell me all about her day.  I am sure she had a blast.

When we got to her classroom she had to put her bag away and I had to hand in a ton of paper work.  When I was removing the paperwork from her folder she said "your dreams for me are going to come true."

Talk about a proud moment!  We were asked to write down our dreams and wishes for Heidi this year.  We wrote "we hope Heidi makes many new friends and learns a lot of new things.  We hope she really enjoys kindergarten."

Knowing she went into class certain she would make these wishes and hopes come true shows me how much she has grown up over the last year.

It is beyond amazing to watch a child grow up.  Heidi had never really owned tie shoes before. She had one pair of Adidas shoes from Uncle for her first birthday but otherwise she has always preferred slip-ons.  Well, she has always preferred to be barefooted.

We got her a pair of tie shoes for kindergarten.  She put them on and tied them.  Who taught her that? She mentioned she had practiced that at Montessori school but I had no idea.  I remember being told I would not be allowed to go on to 1st grade if I didn't learn to tie my shoes.  This child is ahead of me in many ways.

Heidi picked out her own first day of school outfit.  She found these pants at Kohl's and just had to have them. Auntie found the shirt with the sparkles.  Heidi was certain she was the best dressed kid in her class today. I am sure she was right.

This is where I left her.  In her chair, in her classroom.  She is so proud and excited.

We wish you all the best, child.  You are going to do great in kindergarten.  You are going to go places in life.  Just don't let the boy gym teacher freak you out to much!

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