Friday, August 6, 2010

The Kentucky Trip: Two Peas and Four Puppies in a Pod

Any time the girls were awake and at the house, they were connected at the hip and holding puppies.

Never were they more than an arms length apart. The peas were happy to be back in their pod. 

They were beyond ecstatic to have so much free time to spend with four puppies! 

I am told Alex's boy friend had a family member who needed to find homes for four puppies.  The puppies were gifted as the following: Tinkerbell who belongs to Willy and Emily, Tiana and Blanket who belong to Jordan and Austin, and Baby Girl who belongs to Alex.

Even though it was "sweaty hot" outside and the air was so oppressive it was impossible to breath, these girls spent every minute possible carrying around one of the four puppies, wishing they would never be separated again.

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