Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's For Dinner? Chicken Rollups

I love this recipe.  I ran across it in a magazine.  I think it was in an ad for Ragu or Prego.

I change the ingredients just about every time I use this based on what I have in the fridge.  This is what I used this time:
6 chicken breast fillets pounded to 1/4 inch thick
6 slices of provolone cheese (I have used swiss before with fantastic results)
12 slices of sandwich sliced Pepperoni (I have used traditional pepperoni before and it works just as well.  I find the sandwich slices easier to work with.)
18 asparagus spears
Pasta Sauce (I have used all different kinds.  A smoky sauce with mushrooms is wonderful.  This time I used a Margherita sauce and it was YUM!)
Parmesan Cheese

If you break this down into a per serving list it's 1 piece of chicken, 1 slice of cheese, 3 asparagus spears, and 2 pepperoni slices.

Lay out the Chicken, layer on 1 slice of cheese then 2 slices of pepperoni (off set so the pepperoni covers most of the chicken), place the asparagus spears in the middle then roll up and secure with a tooth pick.

Place the chicken roll up in a baking dish and cover with sauce and Parmesan Cheese.

Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for about 30 to 35 minutes.

I missed getting a final picture because I had help setting the table and the dish was whisked away quickly.  Who am I to complain for help with dinner?

The verdict - everyone loved it!
3 adults LOVED it and wish they were able to have more
1 picky adult liked it and didn't notice the asparagus
I should mention that Shawn does not like roasted asparagus, Jess and I love it, and Ryan had never tried it but we all really liked it in this recipe.

The kids:
5 year old girl - LOVED it and ate an entire piece.  This is the girl who hardly ever clears her plate.
5 year old boy - liked it and ate most of his serving
4 year old girl - picked up the cheese and pepperoni, left the chicken and asparagus on her plate.

Over all it was a hit.  The last time I made this I had a small bowl of small portabella mushrooms that were about to turn so I sautéed them in a small bit of olive oil and added them to the inside of the chicken (basically I put them on top of the asparagus).  I will do that again!

I suggest you follow this recipe as it's listed above and then make variations as you desire.  If you do not like asparagus, you may suprise yourself with this one!

Let me know how your family likes it.


Mary Marich said...

I didn't have any plans for dinner tonight and remembered seeing this, and thought I'd give it a shot since it looked so tasty! I made it with a few variations, based on our fridge contents, and oh my goodness!! It was THE BEST!! I think it may be the best chicken I've ever had!

I didn't have the pepperoni, any sliced cheese or tomato sauce- so I was a little daunted at first. After a little scrounging, I found some boursin cheese, and a couple packets for hollandaise sauce. Mmmm. I pounded out the chicken breasts, sprinkled on crushed garlic and salt, layed in the asparagus (I put in 6-7 stalks since we loooove asparagus) and plopped a generous glob of boursin right on top. Rolled them up, jabbed them with a toothpick and threw them in a nice big pan. After making about 12 or so, I made the hollandaise sauce, poured it over the top of the chicken and popped the pan into the oven. It smelled incredible while it was baking and it tasted fantastic!! My nephew, Mr. Anti-asparagus, claimed that regardless of the smell, he wasn't going to be eating anything that asparagus touched. However... when he saw the bubbly, golden crusted, deliciousness on the table he quickly changed his mind and ate two!! Thanks Kara, for the great idea- next time I'm going to plan ahead and try it as you suggest.

Kara said...

Mary, that sounds really good! We will have to give that a try :)