Saturday, April 24, 2010

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

What do you all have planned this weekend?

Today, Saturday April 26th, we are participating in the Watershed Clean Up in celebration of Earth Day.  If you want to join us you can find all the details here

If you don't live the area, find something to do today to celebrate Earth Day.  Plant a tree.  Check your communities website for organized clean up efforts.  Go to a park with a trash bag and clean up with your friends.

Then Heidi has gymnastics.  We really enjoy the Brooklyn Center Gymnastics program.

Later in the day we will check out the Brooklyn Center Earth Fest at the high school.  I am not sure what it's all about but I have the impression it's a vendor fair.  Should be a good time.

On Sunday we are going to hit up the BC Lion's Pancake Breakfast, also at the high school.  We are so happy they are bringing back the Puppet Playhouse this summer we have to go support them!

And then there are the boring things like picking up the house, watering the plants, planning my menu for the week, and grocery shopping.

I am working hard to come up with some new recpies for my new "What's For Dinner" feature.  I am not inventing recipes, I am simply making ones I find online and in cookbooks and then posting about how they go over with my family in hopes of making meal planning a bit easier for you!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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