Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Double Mega Burger

There is a small diner in Columbia Heights called Flameburger. If you have not been there make plans to go there as soon as possible. They have the best burger and onion rings ever! I also hear they have a fantastic breakfast but I have not tried that - yet.

They are known for their Double Mega Burger. It has the following:
1 bun
onion - raw or grilled
4 - 1/2 pound hamburger patties (totaling 2 pounds of hamburger!) cooked to your order
8 slices of bacon
8 slices of cheese

Shawn has wanted to try this burger ever since the first time we set foot in the place. Monday, September 21, 2009 was his night.

They are saying - hurry up and take the picture so we can eat!

Holy Cats!! That's a big burger!

I can't believe we ate so much!

I can't believe we ate the whole thing!

I think I am going to be sick...

But I get a button? That makes it all better!!!


Okay, so not really. It was honestly the best burger I have had but between the three of us we did not eat the entire thing.

Shawn and Heidi ate two patties, the fixings, and the top bun. They also had a few onion rings.

I had one patty with no bun. It has 2 slices of bacon on it and some cheese. It was very YUM! I also had some onion rings.

We brought the third patty home for lunch the next day and gave the rest of the onion rings to Shawn's sister that night.

Two hungry guys looking for food after bar closed could have put that down. A family of three looking for dinner? Not so much.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a copy of the diner in Chandler, Az

The Heart Attack Grill


Kara said...

We will have to try that next time we are out there!