Thursday, June 25, 2009

Heidi's New Pets

As you know Heidi loves animials. She would have 20 cats and 20 dogs if we let her. So would I. Thank goodness for Shawn putting his foot down. However Shawn would like to have a lizzard if I would agree to take care of it. Thank goodness for me not agreeing to that!

But someone let their gaurd down and we now have two pet frogs. Or I should say Heidi now has two pet frogs.

Here is Heidi putting the frogs in their new home, with the help of Shawn (you didn't really think I was going to touch them did you?)

Here is Sara in her new home.

Here is the box we brought them home in. Heidi caught them at The Swamp - Cliff's vacation property in Pine City. We needed to find something to put them in so the $3 foam cooler would have to do.

Shawn removing them from the cooler...

Heidi transporting them - and a good shot of the frog house. We already had the fish tank from when I had fish some 10 years ago. The rest was picked up at PetCo on the way home from the swamp.

Above is Sara - she is slightly orange in color.

Here is Froggy - he is slightly brown in color.
Heidi named them and I assigned the gender (very scientifically I might add - Sara is a girls name therefore Sara is a girl, Froggy sounds like a boy name therefore Froggy is a boy.)

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